About Us

What matters is in the bottle, not on the label.

TINCAN Wines are made from a small batch of organically farmed grapes from the Nelson region. The yeast used for fermentation is found in the vineyard and no additives of any kind are added during the winemaking process; not even sulphur. Finally, the wine is bottled by hand with zero fining or filtration; keeping even the toughest of vegan critics happy.


Hi, I’m Nick!

I'm the CAN(dy) part of TINCAN. After nearly 18 years in the industry and more vintages than I can count, I have slowly pieced together my own philosophy about wine.

So in 2016, we started our own boutique passion project where we have set out to make fun, interesting wine that doesn’t exclude anyone. Too often, I have heard people love to drink wine, but they can’t because one additive (usually sulphur) or another doesn’t agree with them. Or, they won’t try something new, because they are worried about something as simple as not being able to pronounce the variety listed on the bottle.

Aligning to my belief system around crafting thought-provoking yet approachable wine, I focus on “minimal intervention organic vineyard management”. This means I choose to make minimal passes with a tractor for jobs like spraying or mowing, and that all of my fruit is hand-picked.  For example, my block of Sauvignon blanc hasn’t been mowed for two seasons now and I have averaged three organic sprays per season. I am enjoying continuing to push the limits of viticulture here in Nelson.

My attention to detail continues into the winery, with small batch ferments and hand-bottling. And when it comes to packaging, you’ll find me diligently sitting in front of the TV every Sunday, watching sport while I hand-label and carton up any orders for the week.


Hi, I’m Laura!

Admittedly the non-technical half of Tincan (but a talented wine drinker), I’m hoping that through our label, we can make wine experiences more fun, and the wine industry a little less stuffy. We set out to make wine that we want to drink, that our friends like to drink, and that’s much better for your health than the average drop.

When I’m not taste-testing our products or helping Nick with the business, I’m working as an internal/change communications strategist (a mouthful, I know) for the Silicon Valley-based tech giant, Cisco. I’m part of an awesome team trying to make Cisco a better place to work for its 120k+ employees. Nick and I both feel super lucky to have careers that let us travel tons, so we constantly cross paths with a range of wonderful humans, all from very different backgrounds.

When I’m not doing work related things, you’ll find me exploring new countries with Nick, eating out with family and friends, undertaking outdoorsy pursuits like running/biking/hiking/diving, or playing with my two favourite four-legged friends; Eva Ears (our French Bulldog), and Perci pug (self-explanatory).